Hydration is the most important part of any physical and mental regimen. Drink alkaline anti-oxidant water to combat dehydration, lactic acid buildup and oxidative stress.

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For over four decades, Enagic International has been the leader in manufacturing water- ionization systems that transform regular tap water into pure, healthy, electrolytically-reduced and hydrogen-rich drinking water. This Japan-based company internationally distributes hundreds of thousands of Kangen Water® machines to homes all over the globe.

Enagic International is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485 for quality control and environmental management, to the Water Quality Association Gold Seal for product certification, and a member in good standing of the prestigious Direct Selling Association.

CONSUMER ALERT: Buyer beware of cheap imitations. You get what you for.

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My name is Adrian and I am a Business Coach. My philosophy is based on 3 basic true health principles - physical health, financial health, and spiritual health. My purpose is to spread these truths throughout the world via pure healthy drinking water, an exciting business and personal growth opportunities.


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