Adaptive Funnels is a 12-in-1 Software Application that is Everything You Need To Succeed as A Coach in Your Network Marketing Business.

If you are already beginning to Coach members of your team,  Adaptive Funnels enables YOU, the Leader, to Grow Your Organization with the Best Marketing Automation Suite.  All the Essential Marketing Automation Applications You Need Are Seamlessly Integrated All In ONE Place.

How To Leverage Duplication

If you are not yet coaching members of your team on what to do, you are missing a lot on the duplication that you could have.  Remember you got into Network Marketing to create leverage.  If you are not coaching your team, you are not create leverage as efficiently as you could.

What are your team members doing if you are not coaching them?  Exactly, they are doing what is convenient to them.  They should be doing the most energy efficient actions that produces the maximum result!

Start As Soon As You Can

Don’t wait until you have a large team!  You can start coaching immediately when you have “ONE” team member. Get that ONE team member to duplicate what you do best to grow your team.  Then soon you’ll have 4.  When everyone does their part of just bringing in one team member every month – soon you’ll have 8! The next month – 16! Then 32!

Don’t Know How to Coach?

Get your support team involved.  That may not be the person who brought you into the business.  Find higher up in the chain.  You’ll be able to find one soon.  You can ask permission to record a coaching call so you can add it into your Membership Area of Adaptive Funnels as part of your onboarding process.

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About My Company

Affluere owns and operates Adaptive Funnels. We use the same tools that we use for our clients.  We provide DFY (Done For You), DWY (Done With You) and SaaS (Software As A Service) solutions.  Similar Software Solutions will Require You to Integrate Many Separate Apps. Today you get to save yourself from the integration headaches of making several apps work together, the import/export of your data and save at least $1,100 in monthly subscription fees... Start with our free marketing assessment at

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I Help Leaders Who Coach! I can Streamline Your Lead Generation, Conversion and On-boarding so You can Focus on Your Mission Without Wasting A Fortune on Multiple Monthly Subscriptions, Aggravating on Several "Duct-Taped" Applications, and Losing Momentum!


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