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For the dragon clan, Griffin, the ancestor of the earth dragon, is not only their ancestor, but also the anchor of the whole Sanhe Mountains. With the existence of the first strong dragon clan, the Sanhe Mountains can be said to be unshakable, Hu Fei was the original five green temperament on the Holy Evil Island, otherwise, who can compete with the ancestor of the earth dragon? What's more, the existence of Griffin, the ancestor of the earth dragon, is more important to the spirit of the dragon clan. Especially after the Dragon Emperor knew that he was Zulong's identity, how could he wish his old hot price to die like this? However, he could not go against the wishes of the ancestor of the earth dragon, nor could he stop it. At this time, Ji Dong said that there was a way to keep the ancestor of the earth dragon alive. It's like grasping at straws. Ji moved seriously nodded to: "Griffin senior and I, I have no love.". Except for the dead wife's last wish. There is no other first half. But senior Griffin still has his love child with senior Ya Tianji. I gave Akin, in fact, only one sentence is very simple,plastic pallet price, I asked him to tell senior Griffin. Griffin, the ancestor of the earth dragon, looked kindly at Ah Jin. "My child, you really miss your mother.". But your mother is not much better than you. Perhaps it is because of my inheritance that your appearance is slightly inferior to hers. Today I am really happy to see you and listen to you tell me that your mother loves me, which is my greatest happiness. There is nothing more satisfying to me than this. Come, child, let me awaken for you the part of the blood that belongs to the dragon race. You have the blood of my ancestor before I was sealed. Once awakened, you will have my share of power. Listening to the words of the ancestor of the earth dragon,drum spill pallet, Ah Jin shook his head silently. "No, Dad." Although it was the first time he had seen his father, he had no hatred for him. Although the combination of Griffin, the ancestor of the earth dragon, is a mistake, neither of them is wrong. So, he called out his father in a very self-acting way. Her pink eyes flashed a strong wave of emotion, which made her body tremble again. Why? Don't you want to gain great power? Jin said lightly, "What's the use of gaining great power? Power can't be taken away after death." "What did you say?" Griffin was shocked. "You said you were going to die?"? No, it won't! How can you die because of your physical condition and health? Jin looked at Griffin, but what came to his mind was Ji's face. He said the words he said excitedly, "I don't have a mother anymore. If I don't have a father, what's the point of living?"? Since you want to follow your mother, collapsible bulk containers ,plastic pallet crates, then, let me let you follow you. In another world, our family will be reunited. Mei Cuo, this is what he gave to Ah Jin. He grasped the mentality of Griffin, the ancestor of the earth dragon, too accurately. After the great joy and great sorrow, the ancestor of the dragon clan, once the hand of the first ancestor of the dragon, had no love for a while. However, when he sees his daughter now, he loves her even more from the bottom of his heart. He just wants to be willing to help his daughter become stronger, and then follow his lover with peace of mind. Ji move to these guesses can be said to be exactly the same. And he asked Ah Jin to say that the purpose of this prosperity was to turn Griffin, the ancestor of the earth dragon, into a family relationship. He has a daughter For the sake of his daughter, he can only choose to live. Silly child, you "Griffin looked at Ah Jin with a belt, unable to speak for a long time.". What he saw in Ah Kin's eyes was a decisive look. He knew that if he really died, then the daughter in front of him would follow him. How can this be what he wants to see? Akin's voice choked again. From Griffin's eyes, he knew that the excited guess was correct. If he naturally accepted the awakening that his father had bought for his association, then I'm afraid he would really lose his father. Dad, I don't have a mother anymore. Could it be.
Do you really want me to have no father? ~ Novel Txt, Tang Chapter 441 a thousand dragons dance together. Jin gazed at Griffin, the ancestor of the earth dragon, with stubborn eyes. He sobbed and said, "Dad, I have no mother. Do you really want me to have no father?"? In this world. You're the only family I have. If you die, I will be an orphan. Do you really want me to be an orphan without parents? It's been so hard for me to see you after thousands of years. Our father and daughter can be reunited. Can't you give me some of your mother's love? I won't let you die. As she spoke, she began to cry again, rushed forward, hugged a huge scale of the ancestor of the earth dragon, and refused to let go. Griffin's original determination to die gradually melted in Ah Jin's tears, yes! Thousands of years have passed. I have no lover. But now I have to go back to my daughter, and for her sake, I have to continue to live and be with my daughter. Okay, okay. Daddy never dies, my little girl. Don't cry. You're right. Dad doesn't have your mom, but he still has you. Dad can't die for you. A huge dragon claw quietly reached out, lifted Ah Jin's body and sent it to him. Ah Jin clearly saw that in his father's huge eyes, the blood red was gradually receding. Her heart finally relaxed a little and said firmly, "Dad, I will find the magic soldier crazy knife fish.". Help you break the seal. Griffin shook his head gently and said, "Son, you don't have to go.". Because that doesn't work for me anymore. Within a thousand years of being sealed, if I can find the blood of the tenth order magic soldier crazy knife fish,plastic pallet manufacturer, I can also help me break the seal. But now thousands of years have passed. I am still alive because my life and soul have merged into one in the Sanhe Mountains. Don't say that the blood of the magic soldier crazy knife fish has no effect on me. Even if it is useful, once my body is separated from the Sanhe Mountains, I will die at the first time. Kin gawked at Griffin. "Why?"? Is there no other way? ?。 binpallet.com