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Now, Lian Da also suddenly understood why the gang leader just sent a message to himself to solve the matter of Liu Peng's Pingshi in a low-key way. If this were in peacetime, Zheng Danxiong, who was very concerned about face, would have been thrown out by someone who had beaten them up. It seems that the gang leader has long known that there is such a mysterious man, so he does not want to make things bigger, but now it seems that he has got into trouble with this mysterious teenager with amazing strength. Think of here Lian Da also suddenly understand the thoughts of the gang leader, that is, in any case, at this time can not be deadlocked with this mysterious teenager, or give in to the point. As the saying goes, it's never too late for a gentleman to take revenge. Knowing that the leader of the gang is a sophisticated man, he knows that he will never give up. But now, he will never fight with this man. He waved his hand to let all the disciples standing around, who looked both angry and suspicious, get out of the way, and Lianda turned around and walked behind the Sect Leader. Please Zheng Danxiong stretched out his right hand and said loudly. Hum! How interesting! You want to get out of the way for no reason,Kamado bbq grill, and I have to ask for an explanation. I sneered with a cold snort. What do you want? Zheng Danxiong's eyes narrowed tightly into a line, from which there was a vicious light. You don't have to do anything. Well, I'll take care of the affairs of these brothers behind me today. You can pay them back the money you owe them. I said generously. Liu Peng looked happy behind him, and then looked at me doubtfully, wondering why I wanted to stand up for them. What are you? Is it your turn to show off here? "Li Kan, who was tight in the crowd, suddenly stepped forward and shouted." Go back. Lian Da hurriedly shouted to stop. You don't have to go back. I looked at Li Kan coldly and said,Ozone generator ceramic plate, "Is your name Li Kan?"? I hope you can always remember me in the future. Li Kan, who was standing more than ten meters away from me, suddenly blushed and held his neck tightly with both hands. His mouth was wide open and he could not speak. The tongue in his mouth stretched out unconsciously. Gradually, he began to kneel on the ground and roll all over. Hum! Will anyone who offends me come to a good end? Using the power of space, I blocked the space around him and pulled out the gas in the space, so that Li Kan could not feel breathing and felt his body expanding a little bit, there was a feeling of explosion. Brother, do you have to help me? Zheng Danxiong took a look at Li Kan, who kept rolling on the ground, and a trace of fear flashed through his eyes. Lian Da and all the disciples of Gan Gang showed fear in their eyes and hurriedly left Li Kan far away. It seems that he has become a demon. It was Lianda who hesitated for a moment and stepped forward to help Li Kan. Liu Peng five people behind him saw the end of Li Kan, all over the body can not help but also filled with a chill. Oh? Did I say I was going to mess with the gang? I just want to get some justice for these poor brothers. Is that wrong? Hello! Your name is Sanda, right? Don't worry about Li Kan. He can't die. Can I let him die so easily? I looked at Zheng Danxiong lazily and said, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,Alumina Ceramic C795, of course, the latter sentence was said to Lianda who was walking towards Li Kan. Zheng Danxiong no longer speaks, just slightly squints his eyes, it seems that he is considering the gains and losses in his heart. This brother, although Li Kan has offended you, he has been punished now. Please show mercy and let him go. Don't kill him. Lianda handed me his hand and said. Are you guys afraid of killing people? I looked at Lianda with a smile on my face. Lianda's face was a little red, so he stopped talking. But for the sake of practicing the vice leader of the gang, I'll let this boy go. I looked at Zheng Danxiong with deep meaning and said. As soon as he finished speaking, Li Kan, who was lying on the ground and writhing, had already heard the sound of rapid breathing. His hands crawled tightly on the ground, his chest rose and fell rapidly, his mouth gasped for breath, and he looked at me with frightened eyes. Zheng Danxiong listened to my words, his face changed slightly, glanced unnaturally at Lianda, and looked at me without the slightest emotion. It seems that Zheng Danxiong is really a master of controlling his emotions. I have been trying to provoke him so that he can shoot first, so that I can have an excuse to teach him a good lesson.
Now I haven't started for a long time and my hands are beginning to itch, not to mention that seeing this kind of scene has made me hook up the good time with Liang Chao, and there is an urgent feeling in my heart about the battle. But it seems that we can't fight now. Zheng Danxiong, a coward, dare not fall out with me at the moment, but the quarrel with him is over. This guy will find someone to deal with me. But it doesn't matter. I'm worried about the dull life in the future. The more people come, the better. The more powerful, the better. I hope Zheng Danxiong won't let me down. Devil, devil.. Li Kan seems to have suffered a lot of blows, not only looking at my eyes full of fear, but also unconsciously began to mutter in his mouth. Pull him down. Zheng Danxiong said in a deep voice. What does boss Zheng think of my proposal just now? I pressed Zheng Danxiong one step, if this can not provoke him, then I will be a little disappointed today. OK! For the sake of my brother. Lian Da, give him the money. Zheng Danxiong said with an expressionless face. Failure! "Wait a minute," I said dispiritedly. Hello! How much is it to help you? I looked back at Liu Peng and his brothers behind me. Liu Peng and Zhao Tao, Li Xiao, Xu Ning, Xu Hua looked at each other, and finally Liu Peng opened his mouth and said: "According to the promise, Gan Gang should give us 100,000, but in fact only paid us 50,ceramic bobbin heater,000.." "That's fifty thousand short?" I interrupted him. Yes Liu Pengdao. That! Give me a hundred thousand. I turned to Zheng Danxiong and said. Still not giving up, I decided to force him again. Isn't there fifty thousand left? Zheng Danxiong did not speak with a sullen face, but said discontentedly. That fifty thousand is my reward. I tightened my cloak and said. Give him. What else did Lianda want to say? Zheng Danxiong said impatiently. Lianda had no choice but to take out a thick hundred thousand from his pocket and handed it over. I motioned to Liu Peng to take the money. global-ceramics.com