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I sighed and said, "I feel like those things are coming at me. If you get too close to me, it's probably hurting you." I didn't lie. There were three people standing in the main tomb just now, me, the middle-aged uncle, and Liu Wen. But the zombie jumped down and rushed directly at me. He was going to kill me. It was obviously aimed at me. If there are zombies on it, the target of choice must be me. Liu Wen shook her head and said, "It's only so big here. It's the same wherever you go. If you really want to die, then we'll die together." I sighed, the little girl thought too simple, death, how can it be so easy to die, I have not found Xia Jie, my goal has not been completed, how can I die. On the other side, the middle-aged uncle had already worked with the zombie. The zombie was extraordinary at first sight. Wearing the official clothes of the Qing Dynasty, it was obvious that it was a dumpling of the Qing Dynasty, at least a hundred years old. Moreover, in this tomb with heavy Yin Qi, it was much stronger than the ordinary dumpling outside. But the middle-aged uncle is not jealous, bare-handed fight with zombies is also impressive, there is no danger in a short time, if possible, I really want to personally destroy the zombie, hurt me like this, I feel now I can not lift my arm. Was about to get up to find a way out,30ml Dropper Bottle, suddenly, the other side of the main room, a wall on the ground suddenly shook violently, the whole wall wanted to collapse in general, dust flying, wall bricks also fell down several pieces. What is that? Liu Wen also saw the abnormal situation over there, and her face changed and she said. I thought the wall was going to collapse, and I thought to myself that once the wall fell, there would be a way, and it would be easy to do,oil dropper bottle, at least to get out of this place. However, after a few glances, I realized that I was wrong, and very wrong, that the bricks had fallen down, but not all of them, but only a small hole, a hole the size of a human figure, had been broken through the wall, and as soon as it was opened, a sound came out. Damn, I finally found an exit. If I can't get out again, I'll be here today. Someone is here? The sound was so familiar that I opened my eyes wide and looked up at the open human cave. I was stunned when I saw it. Xuan Kong, Huang Yun, Lin Feng? Climbing out of the cave, it turned out to be Xuankong, as well as Huang Yun and Lin Feng, all three of whom had ragged clothes and pale faces, Amber Dropper Bottles ,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, especially Lin Feng, who had several holes in his legs, and blood kept flowing out of the holes. What the hell is going on? Why are these three together? Before I could think about what was going on, Xuankong came out and saw me. Looking at the surrounding environment, he suddenly patted his thigh and shouted, "No, I'm in trouble." Huang Yun also saw the surrounding environment clearly. His face changed slightly. Then he was ecstatic: "Damn, there is no place to find a broken iron shoe. It takes no time to get it. It goes directly to the main tomb. That's the coffin of the dead." Huang Yun looked up at the huge coffin hanging in the air, his eyes full of ecstasy, and his whole body shaking violently. Xuankong ran up to me quickly. I was just about to ask him how he could be with Huang Yunlin Feng. Xuankong had already taken the lead and said, "Qin Yang, run quickly. This place will soon become a place for corpses." I am stupefied, Xuan Kong now expression is quite horrible, as if to see a ghost, he will rarely show this appearance. Although the arrival of Lin Feng and Huang Yun made me a little surprised, but there is no need to panic like this, and the strength of many people, there is only one zombie, we add up to six people, to deal with a zombie, how to feel should be very simple. Xuankong pulled me up to run out, I pointed to the tomb door, indicating that the tomb door has been closed. Sure enough, when Xuankong saw the tightly sealed door of the tomb, his face sank. He looked back in fear at the cave they had just opened and said in a tragic voice, "It's over. It's really over this time. I'm going to die here." What is over, Xuankong spoke more and more I do not understand, simply asked directly: "Where did you go before, how can you mix with Huang Yunlin Feng, but also come in the hole.".
” Xuankong has a bond with Huang Yun and Lin Feng, which I know, these three people walk together, how to look at it is not harmonious. There's no time to say more. Take this first. As he spoke, Xuankong took out an iron jar from his bag and put it into my hand. Then he took out four pieces of amulet and said, "Take these things well. You can save your life later. If you can escape, you can escape. If you really can't escape, you have to prepare for the worst." Xuankong seemed to be explaining the funeral. I opened my mouth and glanced at the words on the tin can. Gasoline, it turned out to be gasoline. The can is not big, but it is heavy. It seems to be a little heavier than ordinary gasoline. I don't understand why Xuankong gives me gasoline. It seems to be useless. Fu is useful, this thing I am not too much, previously remember Xuankong said he had no Fu, at this time do not know where to find the Fu. When everything was ready, Xuankong stared at the cave that had been opened, his eyes stretched straight, and his heart kept rising and falling. I can even hear the sound of Xuankong's heartbeat clearly. Grin, grin. At that moment, there was a sudden abnormal noise in my ear, and the sound was constant, like a mouse gnawing something. The sound was unusually harsh and getting louder and louder, and when I wondered how there could be such a sound in the empty main tomb, Xuankong had already said in fear, 'They're coming.' _ Chapter 194 Gold-eating Ants "They?"? What are they? My heart pounded, and Xuankong's face became rather ugly, which was quite strange to appear on his face, and his eyes were staring straight at the hole they had just escaped, and his pupils were full of fear. At the same time, Huang Yunlin Feng also heard the unusual noise, and their eyes shifted to the cave at the same time. Huang Yun's ears pricked up and he listened for a while. He gave a fierce cry of surprise: "Coming,Glass Cosmestic Containers, really coming." With that, he quickly left the cave and ran faster than the rabbit. Lin Feng ran slowly because of his leg injury, but he left the cave as fast as he could. penghuangbottle.com