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His laughter shocked the world and wept ghosts and gods Even the hell of the underworld produced a slight shaking and the mind of the king of the underworld was shocked Demon Yang Hong's expression changed greatly but he didn't expect to see him for a few days Qin Tian had another amazing adventure and he could turn into an ancient demon the body of the devil Threatening and oppressing Yang Hong regarded Qin Tian as an opponent for the first time Looking at the enchanting Qin Tian Yin Han said lightly "There has not been a world-shaking Miscellaneous genius like you for thousands of years It's a pity that you shouldn't offend me shouldn't offend me Yang Hong shouldn't provoke the Yang family" "Today I will tear you to pieces" Yang Biao's death greatly stimulated Yang Hong at this time his body breath expansion turbulence only anger is his only vent point retrograde breakthrough failure has caused great damage to his body if not for the strong Qigong I'm afraid at this time he has been taken away by evil spirits With the outbreak point the turbulence in Yang Hong's body was quickly dredged and his heart was calm Looking at Qin Tian both hands an illusion a huge square day painting halberd appeared in the hands gently with the force of ten thousand Jun tyrannical strong wind A powerful breath Qin Tian the body of the devil felt this powerful breath and felt a shock in his heart In the Dantian the black dragon roared and the God trampled out He knew in his heart that the next step was a super big move and he was not sure whether he could take it or not Auntie back away the further you go As soon as Qinglian's face changed she hesitated for a moment and retreated to one side but three fine lotus flowers were condensed in her hands in case of an accident The unique lotus flower is the holy product of healing With that Qin Tian jumped up in the air at the same height as Yang Hong in midair and then burst out "Blood Shadow" At the same time Yang Hong impressively move "seven absolutely kill array" Thousands of blood shadows rise into the sky A thousand black giant swords flew out from behind Yang Hong and scattered over the whole Tianya City What a vigorous Qigong "I'm afraid the Qin boy is in danger" "After all he has only five ranks Yang Hong half foot has stepped into the virtual realm this forced impact failed although hurt a lot of vitality but the strength is not weak ah" Lu Donghai and Zhao Changqing spoke with fervor and assurance both of them pinched a cold sweat for Qin Tian At the same time they took a look at Li Gong who had been silent all the time and then stopped talking Explosion "Broken!" Thousands of blood shadow crazy raging half of the sky was dyed red such as the sea of blood extremely horrible A thousand black giant swords shot at the same time Out Fire splashes in all directions containing the power of heaven and earth Rumble Heaven and earth shook and countless houses and buildings in Tianya City were shattered into powder Thousands of blood shadows were killed by thousands of giant swords one by one Qin Tian's chest was suddenly shaken by the blood rolling He kept using the power of chaos to defend his heart Then with a roar the purple flame went crazy again A purple pike swept the world in his hand I don't know whether to live or die Yang Hong is also the same China Chemicals Suppliers gritted his teeth to drink out Fang Tianhua halberd crashed through the sky a huge lightning in the dark clouds pulled out directly split to Qin Tian the power of the huge the speed of the fast extremely terrible Boom! Once again dull impact Qin Tian can no longer bear blood arrows spray out rolling hundreds of feet in midair hit a house heavily the house collapsed in an instant Lotus Holy Healing The three holy lotus flowers flew into the air and rushed directly into Qin Tian's body Suddenly Qin Tian felt that Qi and blood were pressed down in an instant and the vigorous force burst out again and once again a violent impact went up "I want to die!" This is not to say to Qin Tian but to stare at Qinglian Yang Hong's eyes are staring at Qinglian and the killing machine is as strong as the boundless sea area ———————————— The Unscrupulous Doctor's Way Against Heaven Ambiguity and blood coexist Chapter 108 Dragon and Elephant Purgatory The second more sent brothers help me to kill up Rush to the click list the fourth watch today! Search for the latest updates at The city of the end of the world is tragic The common people shouted to heaven and earth all rushed out of the city and did not even have the courage to look back When the strong fight they suffer the most
Qin Tian climbed up from the ruins and rushed up again but Yang Hong glanced at him disdainfully His eyes changed and he stared at Qinglian He exhaled heavily and said "If you hadn't saved him that day there wouldn't have Additives and Auxiliaries been such a thing today No matter where you learned from and how much support you had I would have killed you all together" Qinglian was stunned but she was not afraid With a stroke of her hands the eight-grade giant lotus protected her whole body In the face of Yang Hong her heart was extremely calm When she came she did not intend to go back alive As long as Qin Tian did not die she would have no regrets Suddenly the white light flourished two groups of strong breath broke out of the body a goddess slowly rose very moving and beautiful a rapier between the two hands shook in the sun issued a dazzling color Colorful Goddess Gorgeous false vulnerable Yang Hong cold hum black flame into two giant hands directly to the green lotus he wants to crush the green lotus see who dare to just give Qin Tian cure Without Qinglian's Lotus Holy Healing Qin Tian could not withstand his three consecutive attacks All of a sudden the wind was blowing all around the rubble was flying out and the dust was flying all over the sky like the earth cracking and the end of the world "Whoosh" Yang Hongshan shouted a tsunami of Qigong sweeping out two giant hands under heavy pressure is bound to crush the green lotus Pudu Wanfa break it for me Green lotus hands pinch out look not surprised slowly out then the colorful goddess rapier suddenly cut open colorful light suddenly heavy directly hit the two giant hands then the body into a white light impact in the black flame Gan Kun Ding take it for me! Qinglian sacrifices the immortal spirit vessel Gan Kun Ding which is filled with the power of reincarnation turning crazily and devouring the black flame Chop my Qigong Yang Hong's face changed but it was unexpected that Qinglian had immortal instruments He was stunned and snorted coldly "Go to hell!" In an instant the black flame suddenly disappeared and Yang Hong's body suddenly changed like a lightning strike which contained more power than he could imagine It all happened in a flash globalchemmall.com