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The paper figure in front of the bed was painted with exaggerated makeup, the bride wore a paper phoenix crown, revealing part of her face, and the groom was also dressed in a wedding dress. This is the way two ghosts enter into marriage, with the paper figure as the carrier, and the two ghosts communicate with each other. But the way that Siyin was almost "married" before was the way that the dead and the living concluded, with the corpse as the carrier, and the living and the dead communicated. With the rising of incense and candles, the surrounding environment became more quiet, and only a few distant barks were faintly heard. But Siyin felt that her heart, liver, spleen and lungs were about to explode at the moment, because there was a sound of crying in her ears. Outside Grandma 。” Siyin lowered his voice and tried to tell his grandmother about it. But the grandmother did not seem to show an unusual expression, but made a silent gesture, saying a silent incantation in her mouth. At that moment, the paper figure suddenly moved. Not anywhere else, but the bridegroom's eyes suddenly rolled around, as if alive, looking extremely strange in the night when only kerosene lamps were shining. Siyin held her breath and tried to ignore the cries in her ears. Now that the bride and groom have appeared, they can sign the contract. Grandma murmured into the air, then stepped back and lit a strange black incense candle and put it on the candlestick. The specific explanation is that your family should have burned it to you. Before this pillar of marriage incense burns out, you have to complete the soul contract and become a couple in the underworld. Before you go to reincarnation,tube fitting manufacturer, you can live together. But this engagement can only be concluded once per person and cannot be cancelled, so you two are cautious. With that, Grandma turned to Siyin and said, "Let's sit down and wait." Siyin's face was pale, but it was not obvious in the night. The eyes of the two paper figures rolled around at the same time and then stopped. Si Yin knew that this was a contract between two souls. But in a minute, the faces of the two men changed. The bride's eyes slowly moistened, and then blood and tears dripped from her paper cheeks to the ground. At the same time, Siyin's ears seemed to explode,needle valve manufacturer, and he remembered a wail: "Help!" "No!" Grandma also heard the cry for help at the moment, coupled with the thick blood and tears, obviously not what would happen in a normal ghost marriage. Grandma got up and grabbed a handful of incense ash and sprinkled it on the two paper figures. Ah, ah, ah! The two paper figures wailed at the same time, the marriage candle broke from the center, and the ghost marriage was forced to end. Smelly old woman, you spoil my good deed! "Bridegroom" suddenly sent out a strange cry, the surrounding temperature dropped directly, so cold that the voice trembled. You actually forced that girl, don't let me help you to do such a thing against ethics, if you don't hurry back to the underworld, don't blame me for scaring you out of your wits! Grandma's voice was fierce, and her whole body was full of momentum that Siyin had never seen before. You The bridegroom's voice dropped slightly, and he said, hydraulic fitting supplier ,stainless steel tube fitting, "You wait and see!" " With that, the bridegroom's paper figure burned itself directly in place and turned into fly ash. Thank you, thank you! The "bride" stopped crying, said thank you, and burned to ashes. Zhihao! Grandma was livid at the moment and called out to the door. Zhihao pushed the door open, pinched out the unburned cigarette in his hand and asked, "Is it over?"? Aunt Wan. Grandma clapped her hands on the table and said angrily, "Tell me honestly what happened to the ghost marriage and what else was hidden from me." Zhihao was stupefied and said, "It's nothing." "Still quibble, you go to call your parents, this matter is so harmful to Yin De, you want to let future generations die?" When Zhihao heard this, he nodded hurriedly. After a while, the village chief and his wife came in, and when they saw the incense ashes scattered everywhere and the paper figures burned into skeletons, their faces changed immediately. This "How on earth did that girl die?" Grandma did not wait for two people to react and went straight to the point. She.. "The village chief's wife and the village chief looked at each other, hesitating.".
"Not yet!"! It's all at this juncture! Village chief sighed to say: "This thing, also be me and his mom momentary muddleheaded!"! But Zhiyuan said, otherwise, he would harass both of us every night, and I.. "Did you really cause the girl's car accident?" Grandma suddenly said a word, and Siyin and Zhihao stared in disbelief at the same time. Mom! What on earth is going on and why don't I know? Zhihao stepped forward and looked at the village head's wife in a confused way. This matter, we also have no way, Zhiyuan said that he liked that girl when he was alive, his only dream was to marry that girl, but when I went to find that girl alone to say ghost marriage, she decisively refused. So So you sent someone to kill the girl, didn't you? Then, knowing that the girl's father died early, she paid her mother to agree to the ghost marriage, right? Grandma spoke with blood for a while, which made the people present speechless. Do you know that your son has become an evil ghost, if the ghost marriage, the girl will never be reincarnated! It means that you have harmed that girl for generations! This sentence, the village head's wife tears fell down directly, and then threw herself into the village head's arms, panicked and did not know what to do. Wan Gu, what should I do about this? Zhihao is still calm, but his face is equally ugly. Grandma sighed and said, "Originally, if I hadn't stopped her today, the girl would soon become an evil ghost and haunt your children and grandchildren for generations to come.". But now that I have released the girl to reincarnation, your son can not find him, but now your son has become an evil ghost, only to see if some monks can take him away. Cause and effect, and you can't get out of it. "Yin'er, let's go." With that, Grandma went out without looking back. Wan Gu! Please,14 tube fitting, this is a momentary confusion of my parents. Is there any remedy? Zhihao chased him out. When Grandma saw that he was still upright, she said, "Do more good deeds." 。 chinaroke.com