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Chen Liyou was startled, but he knew my background, such a broken factory, not necessarily in the eyes of Junshao, afraid that I had an attack on the spot, hurriedly looked at me, saw my indifferent expression, smiling at the corners of my mouth, and did not mean to be angry, this was reassuring. Jiang Youxin stepped forward and said, "Mr. Li, Director Qian, would you please talk about the specific investment situation of this meat factory so that we can go back and make a detailed report to the county leaders?" As the director of the township enterprise office, this question is in line with Jiang Youxin's cautious character. Director Qian glanced at Jiang Youxin. Like the secretary, he said disdainfully, "If you want to buy shares, hurry up. I don't have time to grind your teeth here." He is the director of the regional light industry Bureau, a cadre at the county level, and now he has Xue Pingshan's thick legs,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and his attitude is reasonable. Not to mention Jiang Youxin, a small section-level cadre, is Tang Haitian or Liu Heqian personally here, I am afraid he also "no idle kungfu grinding teeth." Come on, you guys. Excuse me. County Magistrate Chen and Director Jiang, come and sit at home in the evening. I laughed, ignored Mr. Li and Director Qian, and walked away. A director of the Bureau of Broken Light Industry and a fat Hong Kong businessman with five million family belongings are really not worth the attention of this government. Chapter 219 Liar Li Aiguo. Before lunch and dinner,ultrasonic generator driver, Chen Liyou and Jiang Youxin arrived. A look at this posture, yes. Fortunately, Ben said hello to his mother long ago, prepared their amount, and called his father, saying that he had come to visit an old friend and asked him to come home for dinner on time. But Dad still delayed for a while, the food was on the table, and no one was seen. This meal is cooked by the elder sister. She has married a woman, so she has to go to the hall and the kitchen. The elder sister's cooking skills are fairly good, but I think it's not long since she "entered the industry", and she's still a little rusty. Fortunately, the elder sister is smart, the main course is preserved meat, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, which plays a very good role in "hiding clumsiness", but all preserved meat, as long as the pepper monosodium glutamate is heavy, the taste is passable. Of course, there is also a big reason for this is for Jiang Youxin's sake. Jiang Youxin is lean, fresh big fish and meat are not used to eating, but dry goods will be more chopsticks. The elder sister loves him dearly. Chen, don't wait for him. Let's eat first. Mother greeted. Chen Liyou hurriedly said respectfully, "Let's wait a little longer." Director Ruan, don't call me County Magistrate Chen. Call me by name. You call me County Magistrate Chen. I really can't afford it. Chen Liyou is a man who knows the rules. Mother laughed tunnel: "Chen County Magistrate is too polite.". Xiaojun, pour wine for the county magistrate Chen! I quickly stood up with a smile. Grabbed the bottle. Feast at home. They usually don't drink strong liquor. The drink is red bayberry wine. Use Liujiashan self-brewed rice wine to soak the fresh waxberries of that year. Add a little rock sugar. It tastes sweet. The degree is not high. The taste is very good. Mom, this order. It's nothing to me. County Magistrate Yu Chen. That's a lot of pressure. It was always he who poured me the wine. Although Dad and I have come to Baozhou. The "shadow cabinet" did not fall apart. Get together at least once a month. Seeing that Chen Liyou was in a hurry to stand up. "County Magistrate Chen," I said with a smile. Please have a seat. This is at home. You're a guest. Properly. "" Chen Liyou had to sit down. Repeatedly humble. My mother and elder sister also said that Chen Liyou was polite to me for the sake of my father. Give words of consolation and encouragement one after another. Chen Liyou was very embarrassed. He is in the officialdom. I attach great importance to this rule. Now that he voluntarily belongs to "Junshao". It can't be a mess. I poured wine for Chen Liyou and Jiang Youxin. I also poured a cup for my mother. I poured two more. One cup is placed in the place of Dad. One last drink. Honest. You're welcome. He put it in front of himself. Old Mom laughs to scold: "Small handsome, young age, what wine to drink?" Chen Liyou and Jiang Youxin both winked at me, saying to themselves that this handsome young man was really "scolded" by his mother as a child at home! "Red bayberry wine is not intoxicating," I said with a smile. Besides, the county magistrate Chen is a distinguished guest, and he should accompany him for a drink. Seeing Chen Liyou, my mother said no more. Just waiting anxiously, the horn sounded, and the busy Secretary Liu finally came late. Chen Liyou and Jiang Youxin quickly stood up and went to the door.
"Oh, I have, I haven't seen you for many days!" Dad smiled and shook hands with Chen Liyou, looking really happy. He is a nostalgic person, and Chen Liyou is a capable cadre promoted by him. He has carried out his work well in Xiangyang County and has done a lot of practical things for the people. Naturally, he is not better than others. Hello, Secretary Liu! It could be seen that Chen Liyou was also really moved, holding his father's hand in both hands and shaking it for a long time. Jiang Youxin stepped forward and took the briefcase under his father's armpit. He is the former secretary of the old father, and now he is a charming guest in the east bed. This thing is done very well without any delay. Youxin also came, everyone waited for a long time, all sit down, eat. Although Chen Liyou was a former cadre of his father, he did not eat much at the same table, and he seemed somewhat restrained. Dad doesn't like to greet guests. Fortunately, Jiang Youxin and I took turns to raise our glasses and invite each other. The meal was also very harmonious. Do you come to the district for a meeting? Dad's habit has always been not to talk about problems at the dinner table, until everyone finished eating, removed the dishes, served tea melons and fruits, Dad drank a mouthful of tea, and then asked with a smile. It's not a meeting, it's to inspect the project of the meat factory. Secretary Haitian is very concerned about this matter. Chen Liyou answered respectfully. Dad nodded, and when it came to the project, he didn't say much. It is not appropriate to say too much about the projects that Commissioner Xue has personally grasped. Is everything all right in the county? Chen Liyou was so well-behaved that when he saw that his father did not pick up the stubble,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, he stopped mentioning it. He followed his father's train of thought and made up some idle stories. Seeing that the time was almost up, he got up and left with a smile. Youxin, you can stay. Chen Liyou was really considerate and said to Jiang Youxin with a smile. Hey. Then I'll go back to the county early tomorrow morning. 。 fycgsonic.com