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"A little bit indeed!" Heliano looked back at Hao Fei, who was standing there in flames, and smiled disdainfully, his proud tail almost sticking up high. Hao Fei stood there, looking at the two people without conscience talking and laughing to leave the back, suddenly regret, regret that he just did not take the curling iron directly rushed past. Give each of them a trendy curly hair. At the door of FR, Heliano asked Di Ye and Kerry, who had just followed him, to go back to the ranch villa first. As for Di Ye has been worried about being sent to Africa by Heleno, it has also been resolved here, can not go. Alas, he said that everything was just a casual remark, which made him worry for so long in vain. He stood here and waited all the time, holding back his urine and did not dare to go to the toilet. After Di Ye and Kerry drove away from FR, Quan Xinran and Heleno also drove directly to Ouyang's house. As a brother and sister-in-law, on the way back, they also went to the mall and bought some things for Ouyang Qirui and Helian Shiyu. Although they could buy everything abroad, they were not as good as at home. To Ouyang villa, all the people are in, in the LR group just finished the right heart blue and Murong Chen two people also rushed over, even Su Zhier with the best man Luan Jin is also in. Fortunately, the living room is relatively large, so many people sitting in the living room will not appear so crowded,Narrow aisle rack, Ouyang Jiayi, Ji Shu and Yi Erruo three people in the kitchen to prepare dinner. The rest of the people are sitting in the living room, playing chess, drinking tea, a warm one. But the two people who just entered the door, Heleno and Quan Xinran, found something missing. Quan Xinran thought, if according to Heleno, Enxi and Bai Yan should have set out earlier,Pallet rack upright, but now Ouyang villa did not find the figure of two people. The two men stood in the entrance shoe cabinet, changing their slippers and muttering in a voice that could only be heard by two people: "Nuo, what's the situation? Where is Enxi?" "Don't worry, Eric, they're all with me. I'll call and ask!" Fortunately, however, the people in the living room were busy with their own work, and they could not hear what the two people standing at the door were muttering. Sitting cross-legged on the sofa, Su Zhier, who was chatting with Helian Shiyu about a star's gossip news, shouted in the direction of the entrance: "Zoe, come on, there are so many people watching. Don't be lovey-dovey. I'm bored when I go home at night!" Helian Shiyu, who was also sitting cross-legged, followed Su Zhier in booing: "Yes, yes, sister-in-law, pipe cantilever rack ,Steel racking system, this dinner hasn't started yet. You and my brother's dog food have fed us!" Quan Xinran gave the two men a sidelong glance and walked inside with Heliano on his arm: "You can also eat dog food for us!" As soon as he spoke, several young people saw Ouyang Qirui pass a peeled pecan kernel to Helian Shiyu's mouth, and the two of them looked at each other affectionately, making everyone shake their goose bumps. Seeing this, Su Zhier directly patted Helian Shiyu's arm against her thigh, and her tone was somewhat resentful: "You two are getting angry to bully me and Luan Jin, these two single dogs!" After careful calculation, she and Luan Jin are the only two people in the room who are single dogs, and they belong to the same breed of single dogs. You'll have the best of both worlds with Luan Jin! Ouyang Qirui said to the two single dogs with the posture of "I must be a matchmaker". Quan Xinran raised his thumb: "Qirui, you tell the truth!" "Husband, why do you always tell the truth?" Helian Shiyu was even more free and easy, and directly enjoyed a saliva kiss. Ouyang Qirui is satisfied, next to the two single dogs Su Zhier and Luan Jin silent, now want to leave this ruthless situation, not only eat dog food can die, now has risen to the point of listening to their speech can choke to death. ……” “……” Su Zhier and Luan Jin two people look at each other, brother, I understand, I understand what you are thinking. Sitting opposite several people, Quan Xinlan and Murong Chen looked at everyone, but only smiled, and did not really participate in the team of single dogs.
But since the two people entered the door until now has been ten fingers clasped, has explained everything, people are openly abusing single dogs, the two of them are absolutely behind the scenes. Xin Ran, where is Enxi? Quan Xinlan didn't want to disturb a few people, but she thought that Quan Xinran and Heleno would come with Xi. Moreover, this afternoon, Enxi was taken out by Heliano, but she has not found Enxi's little figure since she just entered the door. Sister, Enxi will be here soon! Heliano saw that Quan Xinran did not know how to answer, so he opened his mouth directly and took out his cell phone and said to everyone: "I'm going to make a phone call!" After pulling Quan Xinran to sit on the sofa, he turned around and went outside to call Eric and them. See Heleno said so, the right heart blue also did not continue to ask, and sitting next to Murong Chen also silently signaled himself, nothing will happen, gradually also rest assured. At this time, Enxi, who has been missed by everyone, is pulling Bai Yan to communicate in a large shopping mall. Uncle, this, buy this! Enxi, with bound feet in front of a glass counter of a certain brand, stretched out his hand and pointed to a lady's wristwatch, which he liked at a glance and could be given to his grandmother to wear. After calculating the number of people, he turned around and was told by Bai Yan: "Uncle, three!" "Swipe the card!" Bai Yan gnashed his teeth, and now he began to regret taking Enxi with him. If he were alone, he would have already gone to Ouyang's house to meet Quan Hao. Where would he come to the mall to shop. Hearing Bai Yan's words, the white housekeeper standing behind the two men, who was already carrying big bags and small bags, took out his bank card and handed it to the staff. A group of three people moved to the counter of another luxury store, where Enxi pointed to a limited edition couple's bracelet and said, "That,Industrial pallet rack, that, big uncle!" This pair of limited edition couple bracelets can be given to Mom and Dad, and even the gift from the eldest brother to the younger brother and sister is very good. But the black face has been standing behind Bai Yan did not know that he was completely betrayed by his little nephew. omracking.com