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Wang Yongdao: "I wonder if I can help the girl with her troubles and difficulties?" Xu Xiaoxi suddenly had a mischievous idea and said: "Certainly." Wang Yong busy way: "Please tell me." Xu Xiaoxi said: "There is a matter related to my brother's life and death, which can be solved as long as there is money." Wang Yongdao: "Money?"? How much? Xu Xiaoxi said: "Eight thousand if you don't have ten thousand." Wang Yong smiled again, but his smile suddenly faded. Xu Xiaoxi said: "It's a lot of money, so you don't have to be embarrassed." Wang Yongdao: "It's not a large amount, but I can't give it to you right away." Xu Xiaoxi said: "I understand. You don't have to be embarrassed." Wang Yong explained: "I have thirty thousand taels on hand, but I have to use them at night.". So I can't give it to you right away. Xu Xiaoxi did not say anything else, but said: "I understand. You do your job first." Wang Yongdao: "How late will your brother use ten thousand taels?" Xu Xiaoxi sighed: "Tonight, too." Wang Yong stared and said: Is he like me? Tonight Xu Xiaoxi way: Yes, tonight. He has thousands of taels himself. I have collected seven thousand taels for him. In fact, ten thousand taels is not enough. But may get a reprieve. Wang Yong gnashed his teeth and thought. The expression on the face is to ask for the price of life for a moment, and to give up any struggle for a moment. He must have been deeply hurt and tortured by fate for a long time. Otherwise, at his age,304 Stainless Steel Coil, he will be able to resist adversity and will not have the idea of "giving up"! Xu Xiaoxi sighed and said: "I'm sorry, I don't really need the money." Wang Yong one Leng, way: "Really?" Xu Xiaoxi said: I'm just kidding. Who would have thought that the joke was so clumsy. I'm sorry I hurt you. Wang Yongdao: "I hope it's just a joke, really?" Xu Xiaoxi said: "Really, I'm suddenly worried about your problems." Wang Yongdao: "You know?" Xu Xiaoku way: I don't know. But if you have to pay them thirty thousand taels of silver,brushed stainless steel sheet, which is a large amount, the matter must be very serious. If people suspect me and my friends, and you talk to me for a long time, how can you defend yourself? Wang Yongdao: "This.." I don't know. I didn't think of it at all. Xu Xiaoxi way: "Can I help?" Wang Yongdao: "No one can." Xu Xiaoxi way: All right, we'll go later. See you in Hefei tomorrow. I remember there was an inn called yuanyue, remember. Xueting's grades are also good, and the money from Ge Chongzhi is also paid tonight. But like Xu Xiaoxi, Xueting felt too much disadvantage to Ge Chong, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, so she didn't dare to ask more questions. Therefore, Xu Xiaoxi's appointment to Luzhou was in favor of everyone, and they would find out the inside story after the matter was over. It seems to be the most stable and advantageous. They gathered in the snow-covered room to deliberate. Zheng shook his head: "I'm afraid we'll have an accident on our way to Hefei." Xue Ting way: "What's the matter?" Zheng way: "I don't know, but it must have something to do with Ge and Wang." Xu Xiaoxi way: "If something happens, at least there will be more clues." Zheng way: "But an open spear is easy to hide and a dark sword is hard to guard against.". How terrible is it that people don't even know who the other party is? It's not a joke, is it? Yan Xiaoya rarely interrupted and asked: "Which way does Leng Jianchou go?" Zheng way: "A woman and three men in small business all saw him head southwest toward that barren hills.". He must be planning to cross the mountains to Chaohu Lake. Maybe you can swim across Chaohu Lake. The man has so many strange ideas that no one can guess far. Yan Xiaoya way: "If we go to Hefei, won't we have to go around in a big circle to keep up with Leng Jianchou?" Zheng way: "It's hard to say. Maybe Leng Jianchou will suddenly turn back to Hefei, but he will probably rush to Shucheng and go to Jiangnan via Tongcheng, Jiujiang and other places." Yan late elegant way: "It's the same for us from Hefei to Shucheng. The road is easy to walk and not far." Xiao Zheng looked at the three women one by one and sighed: All right. Since you are not afraid of more trouble.
What is Xiao Zheng afraid of? The road is easy to walk, especially after the recent rain, the dust is not heavy. There are not many pedestrians, because Anju Town is located in a remote corner, although it is only one day away from Hefei. But seldom go that way. They didn't take a car or a sedan chair. But the walking speed is faster than the sedan chair, even faster than the horse riding. There was no rest at noon, and there was no sign of fatigue. Don't take a break until the end of the day. The place to rest is just a pavilion on the roadside, where people sell tea and snacks. Many tall old trees cast thick shade nearby, and there was a small village not far from the fork road. Cock crowing and dog barking come with the wind. Tranquility is like a paradise. In fact, many villages have this kind of tranquil and leisurely scenery. Xueting's mouth was full of dry food, and suddenly she said: "It's good to live in the country, at least to get rid of a lot of worries." Xu Xiaoxi pointed to her heart and said: "The trouble is here, and it's the same wherever people live." Xueting drank a cup of tea in one breath. But he saw the branches and leaves nearby and asked the birds to jump around. There are also pigeons flying in the air, and eagles hovering higher. She suddenly remembered Leng Jianchou and said: Do you know which kind of birds return to their nests the earliest at dusk? The latest? Everyone was stunned, and no one would have noticed the problem. Even if you think about it, it's hard to figure it out. Xue Ting laughed happily and said: "First came the crane, then the noisy crow, then the sparrow, the thrush, and finally the swallow. It was already dark." Everyone showed admiration, especially Xu Xiaoxi,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, who had always lived in the city, she said: You are really something. I would never have thought that the swallows who come back year after year to nest in the same place would come home every night. Zheng way: "This tone is very much like cold sorrow.". He also knows the most. It must be interesting for you to be light. Xue Ting laughed and said: "That's what Leng Jianchou said." Everyone laughed. But there was something wrong with Xueting's laughter, which soon turned into a groan and hugged her stomach. Yan Xiaoya stared at the old man selling tea. Said in the mouth:. sxthsteel.com