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The Mermaid Bride of the Butterfly King

"Later I don't know how many years later one morning she suddenly learned to speak Then her questions began to increase She was no different from a curious child She asked me my name and who I was The word" brother "was what she had to say at that time because she said she wanted to add my mother No one had taught her there except me There are few living creatures but the instinct of language seems to be innate I remember her expression when she said she would call me'mother 'in the future After I let her call me'brother' in a foul voice she became my sister! In this way I have a sister to this day I still have only one sister in your painful search for Xuejiao in the past two years I also constantly recall the past feel that I used to treat her too gentle and kind she sincerely called my brother but I always have some fear of her I care about her mermaid itself but ignore her true heart So if guilty I am the one who is most sorry for her I got her out of the quiet and peaceful stone but I used lies to leave her in the lonely world so that she experienced a long wait The tail of her snow-sweeping eagle should have been swept on me at all! Do you think I have a chance to make Business Services up for her "Ru Mo you don't say you are not wrong I really appreciate you accompany her for so long whenever she mentioned her brother Ru Mo do you know how jealous I am of you" You did a good job if any one can not be as good as you do I thank you for waking her up from the stone if not for all this how can I have the opportunity to know my Xuejiao I only hate myself why I did not find her good earlier so that now lost here regret such as ink the most bastard is me! Thank you for telling me so much about Xuejiao I'm satisfied! Dixius looked at Ru Mo seriously and there were traces of tears in each other's eyes but one had already fallen and the other could not bear it Discius to tell you this I want you to know that you are not the only one who is in pain for Xuejiao You are the most painful person We also have a hard time We don't want to lose another best friend after Xuejiao a good sister Do you understand I don't believe that your fate will end in such a short time I always have a feeling that Xuejiao will wait for you and me again somewhere waiting for us to discover her existence again and wake her up So Disius don't do anything stupid! "Ru Mo China Suppliers don't worry!"! I know what I have to do! I will not can not die with Xuejiao in the same time and space even if dead also can not touch her soul can not infect her breath what is the use of death I might as well live with the memories she left me! "Disius" "Ru Mo I want to say goodbye to you Tomorrow's wedding I can't be a bridegroom Say goodbye to Qinglian and Yunshu for me Maybe one day when my trauma is healed I will come back when I think of Xuejiao who will only laugh but not hurt Now please give me some time!" "You must at least tell me where you are going Disius!" Ru Mo watched him stand up slowly from the ground pulling his sleeve with some worry and asking for an answer I went to the place where Xuejiao was born! After Disius left a sentimental smile his clothes slipped out of his hands like ink and his sky-blue figure turned into a butterfly that no longer gave off dazzling light and flew towards the sky! Yunshu and Qinglian only had time to see the lonely figure that had gone away and no longer had time to retain him They could not help but silently walk to the side of RuMo and look up at the sky with him If Mo we are all happy is it so painful to leave Disius alone Yunshu sighed and looked at the darkening sky and asked leisurely Xuejiao is she really never coming back Qinglian murmured and the snow eagle looked at the sky without saying a word with a livid face
Everyone's heart is not sure! "No I believe Sister Xuejiao will come back and Disius will be happy!" The only clear and sure voice was Ming'er People looked at him but he touched his heart "there is still a trace of residual temperature if the last trace of blood belonging to the mermaid clan also really disappeared between heaven and earth my heart will not feel the last warmth!" The crowd's eyes lit up "Really" As if grasping a life-saving straw Bei Yaoguang Agriculture grasped Ming's little hand and asked From the day I came to the snake clan with my sister Xuejiao I stopped lying! Everyone was moved to close their eyes and pray that everything would be all right! May everyone be happy together! 048 Three years in a hurry The river was running day after day Disius closed all his spiritual orifices and lay still at the bottom of the river letting the water take him to an unknown place Wherever he went it was the place where Xuejiao had lived for many years It was also the only place where he could tell himself that he could see her again The original a huge black stone has disappeared Dixiu gloomy but also expected since the stone has become the existence of the protection of Xuejiao now Xuejiao chose to self-destruct the stone also naturally has no need to exist if not for the empty pain in the heart is so obvious Dixiu also almost felt that he and Xuejiao love everything It's just a dream that's too long and too real! Time goes back to the time when Xuejiao flew into the light curtain and re-entered her mother's abdomen "Mother I am Xue Jiaoer and I have never come back!" A tear fell into my heart Xuejiao my child why did you come back and make such a silly choice While supporting the sky flame light Yao Ji's face is pale she and Jun Xing painstakingly arranged for the child's future unexpectedly will be such a result trade-global.com