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Reciting the name, Ri Gao Zhuang Cheng's look became extremely ugly, perhaps in front of outsiders, he would be able to praise Togo as "Japan's Nelson", but behind his back, because Togo took away his honor, Ri Gao Zhuang Cheng often thought of the name, felt only hostility and deep-seated hatred. Like a thief, Togo stole the glory that should have belonged to him, and then triumphantly appeared in front of everyone as "the greatest Admiral since Nelson". Sink Jingyuan! Sink Jingyuan! Staring at the blurred photo, Nikko Zhuangzhicheng understood that the only way to save his glory was to sink Jingyuan, and then with the help of the power of sinking Jingyuan, he forced Yamamoto to appoint himself commander of the combined fleet, and then he could lead the combined fleet and defeat the Chinese fleet, perhaps by then he could not enjoy the same world reputation as Togo. Victory will speak for itself, at least in Japan, that he will be as good a Admiral as Higo Heihachiro, not what many see as "the incompetent Hidaka who was replaced before the war." I will certainly sink Jingyuan. "Sir, intercept a telegram. It's a telegram from Hinayama Maru. They've found Yasuyoto." "Remove all combustibles." In the cabin of the Jingyuan, with the order of the boatswain, the sailors kept running in the cabin. Hammocks, mattresses, and all combustibles were directly enclosed in the small cabin. The sailors with notes in their hands ran between the cabins. With the paper they posted,Horse weight lbs, the wartime terms "morgue" and "emergency medical room" were posted on the cabin door one by one. When the sailors in the cabin were preparing for the coming war at any time, at the new moon, there was no light in the sea and sky, but there was a busy scene on the dark deck. The deck nozzle continuously sprayed the sea water on the deck. Although the oak deck could not be completely soaked by the sea water, one more minute of immersion could also reduce the possibility of burning. Qian Mu, hurry up and have another sandbag. Amid Tang Jiannan's shouts, a bulletproof sandbag weighing several hundred kilograms was tied up at the railing of the bridge of the commander's tower, and several layers of bulletproof sandbags were installed at the armor skirt under the turret. After the sandbags were tied up and fixed,horse weight tape, the damage control soldiers dragged water pipes to spray water on the sandbags. Rinse thoroughly, and be sure to soak the sandbag. Yang Sanlin, who commanded the damage control team, shouted that bundling bulletproof sandbags could block shrapnel, but not necessarily block the ignition effect of Japanese shells using explosives, and that immersion in water could play a certain role. Does it work? Cheng Keran looked at Yang Sanlin, who was commanding his subordinates, and asked in reply. Explosives will burn even if they fall on the sea, and they will burn more intensely if they fall on the deck. What's the use of this? "It can always be used, at least to make them burn less." Yang Sanlin said with a smile, this time he looked very relaxed, but in fact, his heart has already beaten a drum, perhaps, this is the last morning of his life. Finally, after nearly two hours of busy work, Wheel tape measure ,Walking tape measure, both Jingyuan and Hairong had completed their preparations for war, and the cooks appeared on the deck with boxes of meals. During the period of preparation, no longer everyone had the opportunity to eat in the restaurant. Eat, everyone seize the time to eat enough to have the strength to fight. With a coax, the tired and panting sailors rushed to the food box like crazy, grabbed the food directly with the lunch box, and then ate it hungrily. By the moonlight, they could see that their expressions were a little dignified and even a little uneasy, but they forced themselves to eat. Hey, brother Wang, the sun will be out in two hours. Lin Qiang, who had swallowed a few mouthfuls of rice, could not eat any more. He just held the lunch box and looked at the night sky, but his heart had returned to his hometown more than a thousand miles away, thinking about his parents. What, can't you eat? Wang Piao, who continued to fight with rice and meat, answered.
"Eat fast, eat more. I don't know when the next meal will be. Let's eat hard now and fight hard when the war comes." As soon as the voice fell, Wang Pu ate another mouthful of rice. Die, we not only have to pull the cushion, but also his mother has to be a full dead ghost. A dead, the turret skirt around the dozens of sailors, have stopped, this is what they have been reluctant to think, want to deliberately avoid, and now? But finally someone started, and everyone's expression darkened, realizing that he had said the wrong thing, Wang Pu casually put down the lunch box in his hand. Cry, cry if you want to cry, wait for everyone to finish crying, then wipe away the tears, like, like a sailor, go to die together. Chapter 161 1 to 7. Chapter 161 1 to 7 (ask for a monthly ticket! Ask for reading!) "On a moonless night, darkness rules the South China Sea." If there is any difference between the "Zhiyuan" ship and the former Zhiyuan ship, the first reaction of the world is the nine powerful main guns of uniform caliber, followed by its speed, but for everyone who has seen the Zhiyuan or Jingyuan, what impresses them most is not the powerful main guns, but the tall and magnificent mast tower. Different from the triangle mast of British workers and the alternative cage mast of the United States, in the design stage of Zhiyuan, in order to meet the needs of observation and command of the main gun in long-distance artillery battles, the front main mast adopts a tall conical mast tower supported by seven struts, and a firing command post is set up at the top, which is quite strong and not easy to be shot. No one knows that the design of this mast is not from the Navy Department, but from the Navy's technical integration after your Majesty's own sketch, setting up a fire director, a large rangefinder,Surveyors tape measure, an observation station and so on on the mast, which can be filled with almost everything. Imaginable equipment used to increase the combat effectiveness of warships. It does increase the ability to observe, but it also increases the ability to be observed. It's really a double-edged sword. tapemeasure.net