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How to GET RICH With Network MARKETING! | Robert Kiyosaki Robert Kiyosaki is the author of one of the best-selling business book series of all time: Rich dad poor dad. For the past several years he's been a huge supporter of the network marketing industry. He's made the claim that network marketing is the E-business of the 21st century. Let me tell you, why I endorsed network marketing, why I call it the power of it. The reason for this, as an entrepreneur, this word here network marketing is the key to making a lot of money to being successful. It's only those people who have an employee mentality working for a pay-check, or like a specialist, or small business guy just wants it for themselves. They don't understand the power of network marketing. Let me give it. This is not just for the network marketing industry. You know when you talk about television stations, they talk about a television, net-work That's how big people think. They think in terms of networks. When you talk about radio, …
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How To Use Online Groups To Create Massive Lead Generation (& Attract In-Market Buyers)

- Where in my world that I'm talking to somebody that after I connect, I can introduce the group. Where can I do that? 'Cause that group is valuable. (upbeat music) Hey there, I'm Dan Martell, serial entrepreneur, investor, and creator of SaaS Academy. In this episode, I'm gonna share with you how to use online groups to create massive lead generation for your software companies.

I know it's a big promise, but stay with me, I am absolutely gonna deliver on it, and be sure to say the I'm word I'm gonna share with you how to get access to my specific worksheet that I use with all my coaching clients, to name the group, promote the group, to design the content structure. You won't wanna miss that. Let's get into it. So I got to get full credit to my buddy Taki Moore and my friend, Caitlin Bacher.

Both of these people, Taki is my business coach.

Caitlin is one of my friends and I'm actually fortunate enough today to be her business coach. …

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Enable Click To Call in Excel

As a network marketer, you often find yourself with a list of names in a CSV file. Normally, you would import this list into your contact manager but if you didn't have a contact manager yet you can import the list into an Excel spreadsheet.

Wouldn't it be nice if you can call the names right off the spreadsheet?

Here's a video that explains how to do it!

Want More Automation?

Why don't you explore the value of a full fledged CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System? Check out this CRM and you can start out using it for free and add more premium features as your business grows! Click here.

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