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Enable Click To Call in Excel

As a network marketer, you often find yourself with a list of names in a CSV file. Normally, you would import this list into your contact manager but if you didn't have a contact manager yet you can import the list into an Excel spreadsheet.

Wouldn't it be nice if you can call the names right off the spreadsheet?

Here's a video that explains how to do it!

Want More Automation?

Why don't you explore the value of a full fledged CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System? Check out this CRM and you can start out using it for free and add more premium features as your business grows! Click here.

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How to Tell Your Story

In network marketing, how you tell your story is so important for your success. In, your listing has an "About Me" section. This post will help you fill out that section of your listing page and hopefully open up other avenues for your business.

Very few distributors have truly mastered the art of telling who they are within less than a minute! Very few have an "elevator pitch". If you are still wondering how to best tell your story to a prospect or an audience, try to learn from "Rockstart" Sarah Robbins. She has an online video that explains the whole process.
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How to Make Conscious Creation Work for You

We all want to have a good life, and we all want to experience the best things that life has to offer. We hope and work for success, money, fame, good health, love - to name a few. We even make birthday wishes in the hope they will come true. It's in our nature to hope to become more 'lucky' in the years to come. We wish that the attainment of our wishes will 'happen.'

In our pursuit of life's ultimate achievements, we sometimes do not to realize that we play a huge role in making them happen. There could be times when we hope for something great to materialize and at the same time, think that it's too great, too impossible to happen to us.

Therein lies the irony and the ultimate reason why some people fail to prosper - even if they work hard. We affirm our long-held beliefs about ourselves unconsciously through our actions. Sometimes, never getting around to feeling worthy of the blessing that we were hoping to get, is one reason why we fall short of s…

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